Germanball is a languageball that has went on to influence a lot of languageballs, most of them in Europe, such as Englishball, Frenchball, Spanishball, Swedishball and more. He is sometimes confused with his family, Germanicball.

Germanic-icon Germanic languages Germanic-icon
Western Germanic-icon West Germanic languages Western Germanic-icon English-icon EnglishballLow German-icon Low GermanballFrysk-icon FryskballDutch-icon DutchballAfrikaans-icon AfrikaansballGerman-icon GermanballYiddish-icon Yiddishcube
North Germanic-icon North Germanic languages North Germanic-icon Danish-icon DanishballNorwegian-icon NorwegianballSwedish-icon SwedishballIcelandic-icon IcelandicballFaroese-icon Faroeseball
Indo-European-iconIndo-European languagesIndo-European-icon
Indo-Iranian-iconIndo-Iranian LanguagesIndo-Iranian-icon Indo-Aryan-icon Indo-AryanballIranian-iconIranianball
European-iconEuropean LanguagesEuropean-icon Albanian-icon AlbanianballArmenian-icon ArmenianballBaltic-iconBalticballCeltic-iconCelticballGermanic-iconGermanicballGreek-iconGreekballLatin-iconLatinballSlavic-iconSlavicball

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